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For conferences, business meetings, incentive and individual travel, the Podewils Hotels, near the Baltic sea in Poland, are an ideal place offering the highest international standards and excellent services - Podewils in Krag*** is a magnificent 14th-century castle on the shores of the lake of Krag amidst forests - Podewils in Gdansk***** is an elegant 18th-century mansion next to the yacht harbor and Historic Old Town. Welcome!
"Maglio Arte Dolciaria" celebrates its 130th anniversary with its headquarter in Maglie (Salento/ South Puglia in Southern Italy) in 2005. The excellence of the high-quality products is based on old traditional recepies. Specialties are the regional natural fruits (figs, oranges, apricots or peaches) and nuts arranged artistically arranged according to the season and covered by chocolate. Dream of a sweet surprise!
With 5 different hotel structures in the province of Lecce, Caroli Hotels invite the guests to enjoy the Salento: since 1965 Hotel Terminal in Santa Maria di Leuca "Terra finibus", since 1975 Le Sirenuse in Gallipoli, since 1985 Villa La Meridiana - historic mansion from the 18th century and since 1987 Joli Park Hotel in Gallipoli. Since 1995, Caroli House & Boat offers a very special idea for a trip to Italy, stay in a Salentinian villa and go on bord of a sailing boat. Travellers looking for a relaxing vacation, individual tourists or business people will find at Caroli Hotels in the Salento region of Southern Puglia a unique destination in Bella Italia - Ciao!
In this classic historical and original Italian residence with patio from the 15th century, the traveller can enjoy all the lovely charme of the South. In the 19th century, the French tannery family Lamarque used to live in this building. Today, the place is a “dimora storica” in the center of Maglie (Puglia) combining the ancient and modern spirits in a creative way. With the hospitality and comfort offered, one feels almost just like at home, can relax and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. The courtyard and mediterranean interior are a pleasant place for reading or just spending a cosy vacation. On top of the roof of the ex-tannery is a terrace offering sunchairs for suntanning all day long on sunny days. In the unique environment of this typical Salento mansion, the guests can start the day with a good Italian cappuccino at breakfast which is served in the major residence and courtyard right next to the guestrooms. Excursions and other sightseeing tours can be organized easily starting from Maglie. The next bigger city is Lecce with frequent flight connections outside Italy via the Brindisi or Bari airports.
The new Italian artist center and event-spot in Maglie in the Salento region of Southern Puglia was reopened to the public in 2005. In the ex-tannery residence of Lamarque it is a historical revival after about one hundred years. As “artlab”, the site invites as a location for workshops or seminars. Special guests, artists, authors, poets or other professional groups meet at Lamarque for special occasions. The mansion of the museum is, more than any other place in Italy, with its ancient system still in function between cisterns, canals with all its archaeological details. Visiting the Lamarque, one goes back to the past and at the same time remains at present. With excellent techniques, the whole mansion was elegantly restored and can be seen covered under glass and illuminated by light installations including a documentary photo exhibition. Rooms with specific equipment and further technical requirements can be booked for special events and incentives.
Set amidst a beguiling rural backdrop where skies are clear and bright, the air is clean and glorious aromas from the countryside intermingle unforgettably with those from the sea, Masseria Panareo is the ideal place for rediscovering the joys of simple pleasures. It forms a perfect base for trips that reveal the treasures of the Salento countryside. Coming back to Masseria Panareo at the end of the day means returning to a family atmosphere where every care is taken to make you feel welcome and at ease.
The Salento region in Southern Puglia, at the far Southernmost end of the Southern Italian boot, is the land of the enternally shining sun; where all the way around waves roar smoothly and herbal fragrances affect the senses. This sunny region is the home of the products of the brand "SAPORI DAL SALENTO", typical and high-quality specialties from the Salento - a real culinary highlight for all gourmets
For the body and spirit, the Salento region climate and nature is the ideal place to live the four seasons of the year. This is the home of Carpignano Salentino, a small agricultural and very friendly village, right in the center of the Greek salentina, in the middle of ancient olive trees, famous for its charme and hospitality, located a few kilometres from the Adriatic sea, Otranto, Alimini Lakes, and the “Rifugio nel Sole”. It is a holiday home for spending an unforgettable sojourn in a townhouse from the 15th century in the historic center, at a short distance from the major square downtown, near the touristic attractions, crystal clear water bays and long beaches, but still quiet and welcomes to spend a wonderful time in the region.
Delser - Ars Hospitandi offers in Verona, only a few minutes from the historic downtown area, to the traveler a sojourn full of emotions. In the Valpolicella hills it combines culture, history in a uniquely quiet and relaxing surrounding. Near the city but embedded in olive trees and vineyards, the view is endlessly green. In a former water-tank of a Palladian Villa, today, the Delser, is an exclusive hideaway. Its outstanding harmony is relying on stylish design, antiquities and archaelogy. Besides the destination is a perfect venue for discovering the most beautiful sightseeing places between the mountains and sea in the heart of the Venetian region. But not only the hospitality is of major importance: the Delser is at the same time a great and realiable partner organizing individual tours at the best convenience and highest comfort in the city and region, tasting events in the best wine taverns, access to events and festivals. Verona, the City of the Romans, Arena, Romeo and Juliet as well as Pandoro is an annual travel destination. Fabulous and charming Delser!
Greek Island Home combines exclusive ideas for a charming vacation at the seaside, travel offers for Greece and also holiday properties for rent or sale in combination with luxury yachts or motor boats including captain and cook. The new offer has an expertise in all different aspects of the travel from sightseeing, training, courses, outdoor activities to excursions on and around the Greek Islands for travellers, individual tourists, families, tour groups or incentives. Greek Island Home is therefore more than a booking reference. A range of full-services is provided at the best convenience of the traveller. And reaching the most charming hideaways very often means having shuttle boats, cars for rent or private jets ready for departure. According to the most stylish needs and expectations of the travellers, Greek Island Home offers individual premium ideas. As partner, Greek Island Home is specialized in the islands and its new destinations. Charming, marvellous and outstanding!
For 50 years the German-French Chamber of Commerce (AHK-Paris) has been a partner in the respective business and promoting actively the dialogue between the two countries and markets. With its services, the chamber has a particular role within the commercial and trade relations between Germany and France. Supporting bilateral relations, innovations or future-oriented strategies set new standards in both countries.
Since 1948 the German-American Chamber of Commerce, New York is promoting transatlantic business between the US and Germany. Experience, services and contacts of the Chamber are the basis of continuous support. The various services are in the field of economic, marketing, professional or legal issues. A variety of publications on doing business in Germany and in the US is another up-to-date source of information that serves potential investors and internationally active companies. The major focus is the commerce and trade between the two countries.
For 85 years, the German-Brazilian Chambers of Commerce have been promoting the German-Brazilian economic relations on a bilateral level. They contribute to the close economic relationships as well as technical and scientific progress in both partner-countries.
Which other jewel grows up in an animal? The pearl’s fascination comes from its history of origin. Pattern of growth in pearls express the influence of nature and show their naturalness. Not only the “top models” of pearls, the perfect round ones, show beauty and character. These natural characteristics take a leading role in the creations of “re-naté” and use all pearl shapes! The fashionable jewellery is a potpourri of pearls and natural stones. Turquoise, rose quartz, moonstone, agate escort our pearls. Shiny Crystals as companions of pearls are girl’s glamorous friends. “re-naté” only uses metal in closures, to keep pearl creations free of any other influence. The described combination of materials gives pearls a new profile and unique beauty. Striving to achieve this “image revival” has inspired to create the brand name “re-naté” (with Latin origin and means rebirth). Capture the new beauty of pearls. Help them to change their traditional dress-support by wearing “re-naté” creations so that pearls can be reborn and awaken to new beauty in fashion and life.
Lighthouse Designs creates fabulous jewellery that is stylish, wearable and affordable. Each piece is carefully handcrafted in Scotland using glass and semi-precious beads combined with sterling silver chain and findings. Great to give and to get, this is jewellery you will want to keep. Each piece of jewellery is wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and presented in a black gift box with 'Lighthouse Designs' picked out in silver on the lid. Beautiful, pretty and unique!
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